Friday, 13 June 2014

Fun in Cape Town, Birthdays, and Midway Point

Even though it's winter here and really cold, I'm still finding a lot of things to do here in Cape Town. Last weekend a group of friends and I climbed table mountain.

On the top of Table Mountain
It was the most intense and first hike I have ever been on, it was also my birthday (Yay, I'm 20!) which was a fun thing to do. Later that day I went to a rugby match with some of the people from Connect. I've never seen rugby and I don't think I'm a big fan lol. Apparently South Africa is really good and is ranked 2nd under New Zealand.

Newland Stadium: South African v. "The World"

Later at dinner I tried something new -- lamb and ostrich. I don't know which was which but I liked one and not the other.

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